Monday, March 30, 2009

What Would You Get Jason Yeager For His Birthday?

Me and some comrades were sitting around the Office the other day discussing what we would buy certain celebrities for their birthdays. The topic turned to American Idol contestants and I had to pipe in about things I think Jason Yeager could use.

For one, I don't think he needs any new clothing, as the ones he wore on the show was very nice. I picture Jason as the type of guy who loves to be out in the public, sitting around chatting wit people at Starbucks. Hey, I'm sure he'd love a starbucks gift card!

The other possibilities are a Wal-Mart gift card. Jason seems like a Wal-Mart type of guy. Down to Earth and sensible. Of course, he probably drives a cool car, so some serious tune accessories or something to trick out his ride would be good also.

Of course, a new iPod is something I'm sure he'd find use for. Also, I would imagine a gift certificate to Fry's or a music warehouse store would come in handy as well. So what would you buy Jason Yeager for his birthday?

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